Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heels and Hair

 i wonder how people could actually make a DIY project on heels(especially like those above), and turn
 it into something out of the ordinary, yet making it look ridiculously amazing, but without making it look like a hassle.

That Hair! by Le Fashion

Ohmygod, isn't that simply luscious?! I can't wait for my hair to grow that long! It's amazing how time flies so fast. I mean for some of you who know me, I was the girl with the short bob hair w/bangs for 2 years( im guessing) - which my granny personally call it "rambut kene gigit anjing"- but look how my hair has grown over the years. It practically took me 3 years for my hair to grow.
I once bumped into cheryl and what surprised me was she immediately said, "omg your hair so long already. Or did you put extensions?" hahahah! and no, i hadn't put extensions since last 2 years. My main motive of putting extensions was to actually wait for my hair to grow a little longer, prolly till it reaches below my shoulder. So that when i take it off, it will look as if ive never put extensions on. Smart option huh? haha. But anyway, i still cant wait for my hair to grow even longer and thicker, and have it permed by Prom Night. Imma look so fly! ;)

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