Friday, April 2, 2010


so unfortunately today's plan to go out with AR was cancelled due to stomach cramps :'( sometimes it just sucks to be a girl right?! lol. stayed home all day with non stop eating. my mum even asked me, "haven't you had your meal already?", then i said, "yes", then mum said, "then why are you eating again?" Gaaaa!
is it me or is it the period that im having? if im not munching on any snacks, id be filling myself with different types of water, from yummy blue coloured energy booster to simply packed iced lemon tea. i dont usually eat that much you know. though i always do drink alot. heh!

yesterday was not my day. i was like literally mad at fee and elyn cause they had last min thing for dance and i was left alone. i know right! just a small issue and i end up getting all cranky about it. moodswings i guess, first day of mences -_-' but luckily, adyy was there, my all time life saver!:D was with her for almost throughout the day and as usual i had a great time with her. dont worry feelyn, i still love you girls very much :) if im suddenly not myself on a certain day, than that means im either having my period or god knows what. heheh!  

okay i just realise my post today is all about mences and period and mencess and periooodddd!!!hahahah! and i guess if there's any guy reading this(which i bet there wont be) would be disgusted by now. LOL! well sorryyyy, its because im having killer cramps and i cant help it but to type it out! okay i think i should stop now before i get deeper into mences!

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