Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Just Yet

and im eating because im boreddddd -_-

so i skipped school today to catch Little Nana's malay dance SYF at NUS and i swear the theatre was really huge! and it ALMOST  looked like an opera hall(imagine that!) Little Nana danced really well, (which i never really knew about) and all thanks to the hip hop beats she'd been listening to. how adorable!!! ^^ bumped into a few familiar faces today which was kind of surprising. 
 Yesterday was A-W-H-S-U-M! get to go out with my AR after a really long time. Ate at the esplanade's makansutra or whatever they call it lol. The food was nice, but as usual, i couldn't finish it up.heheh! Couldn't stop laughing especially while taking the pictures, all thanks to AR's friends. Hoping to meet AR again real soon, Record 2 next please??? hehe :>

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