Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vans Online

Okay my savings are reaching to $1000 can you believe it! Though id only start spending only when i have that amount. I know i can prevent myself from using that whole lot of money. I just have to have distractions.yeah. Woooh! i feel rich! eventho it's only a 1000. And i don't even have to work to earn that much. Yayy me! :B

oooh, talk about earning, i think Google Adsense is way better than Nuffnang. This is just my perception though. Ive had my nuffnang since the first month of the year(i think), and ive earned so little till now. And ive just started on Google Adsense just recently like a few days ago, and ive earned 3 bucks already. How great is that?! To all bloggers who wants to earn money by using ads, you might want to use Google Adsense. Give it a try at least and i swear you'd earn money instantly(through clicks) without having to wait for any ads to appear in your blog, unlike nuffnang.

*New ad: Vans Online- beside Dereon.(on sidebar)
For any Vans lovers out there, please click the ad and start shopping online. happy shopping! ^-^

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